We design gardens with a respectful eye for local conditions, encouraging natural growth. Our gardens all have a linear, classical style fitting into any architectural context, modern or historic, with particular consideration for international landscape trends and contemporary requirements.


Whilst being creative, we maintain a strongly functional, skilled approach, without neglecting a taste for beauty and practicality. A vast familiarity with materials and techniques prevents us from being repetitive.


Our vegetable gardens are dynamic, colorful, experiential and captivating! Returning to the soil means returning to our origins, to resuscitate the taste and awareness of Nature. All our vegetable gardens reveal a hint of poetry.


Ever-changing situations allow us to express our sensitivity and curiosity in an attentive, contemporary and animated way. Each project has a tale to tell, brimming with fascination and poetry.


Improvement, innovation and renewal, in sports and residential contexts, to create a sense of Place where the value of hospitality is shared and felt.


We build with Nature wherever possible, respecting sites and using appropriate materials in keeping with the surroundings. Escarpments, riverbanks and degraded areas are brought back to life.


We would like to conjure up the atmosphere in our landscapes that only Music can inspire. Botany and Music share universality, harmony and rhythm. Beauty will save the world.

Plant Container Design

The ONDA plant containers (designed by Vittorio Peretto, 2001), emerged from a constant search for new solutions in space composition. One significant advantage is the versatility and modularity of their design: models and shapes vary in size and dimensions allowing juxtapositions to create real mixed borders in containers.


Our team of gardeners take care of regular maintenance after projects have been completed. Site specific planning over the seasons guarantees perfect conservation of the spirit of the original project.