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Hortensia Garden Designers was established in 1999 with the aim of giving life to a ``Renaissance-like``

… Hortensia Garden Designers was established in 1999 with the aim of giving life to a “Renaissance-like” laboratory where garden designers, landscape architects, agronomists and professional gardeners plan, design and build gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces in general.
Our most valuable contribution is made at the earliest stage of the project in generating ideas and bringing creativity to the use of space. We provide assistance to our clients throughout the entire process: from site surveys, graphic design construction down to maintenance of the garden. Projects range from smaller spaces, both traditional and modern, up to larger gardens, county parks and environmental projects.

The Care

The presence of a team of qualified gardeners, inside the structure, allows to realize the projects commissioned by following the different execution phases. The proven experience and the durable collaboration are able the team to interpret them faithfully and provides rich wisdom. This phase becomes a moment of mutual exchange between designer and performer, which helps to improve time by time both design and operational aspects.
It realizes works of new planting, transplanting and watering systems, with meticulousness and expertise. For complementary work, we make use of external suppliers and artisans, who are consulted project process and then involved in the execution of the works.

The gardeners team takes care of the regular maintenance of the projects after their completion. During the seasons, following a schedule of ad hoc interventions, can guarantee an accurate preservation of the spirit of the initial project. Sometimes they can suggest to simple variations commissions, with restyling, without altering the character of well-defined places. Other times you inherit the maintenance of existing contexts, always with technical skills and aesthetic sensibility, must be re-evaluated and improved.


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